There was a moment, about a week before the 2016 election, when I knew. I knew Hillary was going to lose this election; I knew we’d be stuck with a bloviating carnival barker, an incompetent and morally bankrupt huckster, a soulless grifter who would likely hire only other soulless grifters to staff our government.

They had a fireworks display planned for the Wednesday after Election Day. No votes had been cast yet, let alone counted, and they had already booked their victory fireworks over the East River. This was a phenomenally bad idea for so many reasons. To begin:

  • It’s bad form
  • It’s going to generate resentment if word gets out
  • Word is going to get out

The list goes on.

Have these people never heard of hubris? I can forgive them if they’ve never read Sophocles or Euripides; but don’t they have at least a passing familiarity with some of the better-known works of Shakespeare?

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