The “complexity” of Iraq

You would expect and desire a commander in chief, in looking at a situation, to examine military concerns, security concerns, diplomatic concerns, internal political concerns within Iraq, regional ramifications, how you get people to work in concert with one another. It is enormously complex.

— White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, on the delay of a major Iraq policy announcement, 12 December 2006

Well, yes, it is enormously complex. Actually, I’d expect all of those things of a commander in chief before he gives the order to invade a sovereign nation.

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One thought on “The “complexity” of Iraq”

  1. Interesting,

    When you speak about how this whole Iraq situation is being handled, or should we say mishandled, it is difficult to even utter the words common sense in same subject.

    There has been little common sense from all involved from the very start. It amazes me that we did not learn the lessons of Viet Nam, you do not win wars with an enemy which has little value on life by western standards.

    When you can pay a suicide bombers family a few hundred dollars for a life, you will never win no matter how many soldiers and weapons you use. you will not win, but then again, that takes common sense, of which the U.S. and Iraqi leaders have little of.

    We are in an age of economic warfare, and the easiest and the less costly of all solutions from the start would have been to pay suicide bombers more not to blow themselves up. Seriously, with the billions of dollars wasted with little if no improvement in region, we finally hear a few generals admit things are worse than ever.

    Put all these Iraqi’s to work and pay them for their suffering and the violence would desolve in no time flat. It would take less money and less lives to fight this war with sound economics. Just look at Kurdistan region and it is so obvious that I am amazed Bush and all his dummies missed it.

    Get rid of Maliki for he is in bed with Sadr militia and this will never change. He will not disarm them, and he must go, and quickly. Put Kurdish leaders in power in Baghdad and progress will come over night. They drafter the FIL and HCL and they are bringing in billions in investments even with Baghdad in shambles.

    It is all about money, always is, and all the problems exist because everyone wants the oil profits. Spread out the wealth fairly amoung all sects and all the problems go away. Restore the dinar to former .31 when Saddam was ousted and the other issues desolve overnight. Simple, and all you need is a little common sense.


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